BFCM 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Mermaids! Remember to take time to think about all you have and the loved ones around you. We know you, our Mermaids, are at the...

Free Mermaid Bomb Gift

Believe it or not Mermaids, yes you read that correctly. Mermaid Wax gifting you Free Bombs with ALL PURCHASES OF SIGNATURE SERIES of 5.5lbs and up...

2023 Spring Updates

NEW!Sea Whats Washed Ashore @Mermaid Bay Mermaid School? Ambassadors, Neon Blue,A Patent?, New Pandora &Glitter Bombs, Orion °9, Site Updates

US Patent 11,607,372 B2 For "Depilatory Wax Additive & Process"

Mermaid Wax is proud to share with you United States Patent 11,607,372 B2


Mermaid Mondays Memes Monday June 15th 2020

What Brand of Hard Wax Do Professionals Use?

So what brand of hard wax do professionals use for hair removal? Introducing Mermaid Wax! Pros use Mermaid Wax is Next Generation Premium Hard Wax ...