a fictitious or mythical half-human sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair.

The Mermaid is almost universally found throughout human mythologies from Europe to The Far East and in between.  These beautiful, enchanting creatures have captivated the imagination of mankind through the ages. Mermaid Wax was inspired by these magnificent tales and intends to carry on the tradition of their irresistible and fierce nature through our line of hair removal products.

Mermaid Wax is made by an Esthetician, for Estheticians. We strive to offer only the highest quality products to ensure your waxing experience is superior to all others. Our hair removal waxes, are safe to use from head to toe and remove both fine and coarse hair from the root.


In Philippine Mythology, Sirena is a vicious mermaid known as an Engkanto, a Filipino term for mythological guardians of the water. Sirena was known to have a beautiful & mesmerizing voice that attracts & hypnotizes. While hiding among the rocks by the shore, she sings a spellbinding song to seduce & control all who hear it. However, when Sirena falls in love with a human, she will become docile & obedient to the human. Similar to finding the perfect wax; though it may be difficult at first, all power & seduction, once you harness the power of Sirena, she will become the most loyal & subservient wax.


In Greek mythology, Electra was the Goddess of storm & sea clouds. Although not a mermaid-like creature, this powerful Goddess is one of the most popular characters in Greek Mythology. Electra is the name of the storm clouds that manifest close to mountaintops near oceans. She will draw precipitation & energy from the sea below & generate powerful storms. Often connected to electricity & powerful blue colors, the story of Electra encompasses the essence of the Electra wax; power, elegance, & unrivaled authority.


In Greek Mythology he was known as the “God of the Sea.” Poseidon was the brother to Zeus (God of the Sky) & Hades (God of the Underworld), & father of Triton, a merman! He is one of the most recognizable & powerful Greek Gods, ruling over both land & sea. We chose Poseidon to represent this wax because he is a God connected to dry land.  Since this wax is our fastest cooling wax while still remaining elastic, Poseidon is the best of both worlds (land & sea)!