X Series Hard Wax
A Mermaid Wax® Tale
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X Series Hard Wax
A Mermaid Wax® Tale
Pro Series
Holiday Bundles

Welcome To Mermaid Wax®

Mermaid Wax® is Next Generation Premium Wax for Hair Removal.  Mermaid Wax is made by an Esthetician, for Estheticians™. Developed by Kristen Newsome, owner of The Hiss'n Kitten Waxing Center and the HK Wax Center - Austin Arbor YouTube Channel. The Mermaid Wax mission is to deliver the highest quality premium wax at the lowest possible price.

Kristen is a Licensed Esthetician with 10 years of experience and the strongest social media following in Esthetics.  Her passion for freely sharing information as well as her quest for the best of the best wax products has birthed Mermaid Wax. We are confident you'll love this wax as much as we do! Yours truly, Kristen & the Mermaid Wax Family

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Signature Series Hard Wax

Our "Next Generation" Signature Series hard wax is the best of the best and features Sirena (fuschia), Electra (aqua), Aurora (clear), Hades (black), Icarus (orange), Ra (red), and Helios (yellow).  Our Signature Series is one of a kind; Super Elastic, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, Hypoallergenic, and Odorless.  Ideal for even the most sensitive skin this wax contains no colophony. This advanced formulation has no equal in the hair removal wax world.  It's super elastic consistency coupled with a quick cool property makes it a must-have hard wax! Signature Series also has a very low melting temperature, meaning it can be used at low temperatures and you’ll never have to worry about it being too hot for a client’s skin! This wax is best for the "lay lay lay" method; you can lay multiple strips at a time before going back and removing them without any fear of it breaking! Get ready this wax is unlike anything you've seen, both esthetically & functionally.

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Pro Series | Poseidon

Mermaid Wax Pro Series is the lowest priced premium hard wax available. Pro Series  is suitable for most skin types, but it is not hypoallergenic or vegan. We offer Pro Series in three colors: Poseidon (deep purple), Calypso (emerald green), and Medusa (deep blue). Compare Pro Series to other major brand hard wax lines (commercially referred to as "polymer blends") at the most competitive cost and our customers argue; superior performance. Pro Series waxes are a blend of natural rosin derivatives, waxes and polymers.  Our Pro Series is ideal for all over the body, large and small areas. That's right, this wax can do it all! Pro Series is ideal for professional speed waxers who use the "strip & rip" method & need a quick set hard wax!

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The Worlds' First Glow in the Dark Hard Wax For Hair Removal!


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