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UPDATE: 04/19/2023

Mermaid Wax Wax Bomb Method Patent

Mermaid Wax is proud to share with you United States Patent 11,607,372 B2

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We are pleased to anounce the USPTO has granted us registration of several of our trademarks & slogans. We'll be in process of updating all marks to include the ® symbol.

For your records you can find our digital registration information on the USPTO website here:

  1. Mermaid Wax®
  2. By An Esthetician, For Estheticians®
  3. Pandora's Box®
  4. Mermaid Wax "Mermaid" Logo Mermaid Wax "Mermaid" Logo
  5. Mermaid Wax Logo Mermaid Wax Logo

 It is illegal for anyone to use our registered trademarks & slogans with out our express permission.  Therefore we expressly approve any active customer (using Mermaid Wax) to use our logos, just not our slogans or name without referencing Mermaid Wax by linking to this page.

Please feel free to use Mermaid Wax Logos for your website, picture watermarks, & social media marketing as long as the ® symbol is included in said logo. 

Mermaid Wax is now on Flickr!

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