US Patent 11,607,372 B2 For "Depilatory Wax Additive & Process"

Mermaid Wax Patent

Mermaid Wax is proud to share with you United States Patent 11,607,372 B2

United States Patent 11,607,372 B2 For "Depilatory Wax Additive & Process"

This patent was granted on March 21st 2023 -only 2.5 years after we submitted the application! (sometimes this can take a decade)

The Novel Idea

While additives like colorants, skin additives, scents, and glitter have been added to hair removal wax for decades, only Mermaid Wax created the concentrated wax bomb idea! This allows the end user to fully customize their wax, pot by pot.

Seeds of Imagination

We knew no matter what color or scent we chose, given enough time even our biggest fans would grow tired of it. We also wanted to give our waxes a bit more sparkle than we could acheive with mica alone. This idea came back in the summer of 2014 when my husband (at the time not even yet my boyfriend) came in for a wax. I was twirling the wax on my stick and telling him how beautiful I thought it was. Then he casually replied "you ever put glitter in it?" -The idea defiintely grew on me! However, there was a problem, Glitter.

A Patent Was Born

Glitter gets EVERYWHERE, even when you're trying to be careful. Again, the magic of our combined minds came up with concentrated wax bombs that could be melted into my pot at work. Once melted, it would disperse the glitter without it getting all over my salon. Problem solved.

It was not long before we realized we could use this idea with concentrated colors, scents, and skin additives. The idea was not only born, it was growing fast!

The Wolves Circle

Soon after we launched Mermaid Wax we learned just how fast people will copy you. If not flat out try to take credit for your work. With this idea alone, no less than three companies quickly tried to release competitive products. Albeit too rushed and completely missed the essense of why Mermaid Wax was a success. Regardless, we realized it was only wise to protect our invention with whatever tools were available.

Inspiration For The Next Generation

If you have a good idea, go for it! It definitely is not as hard as you would think. Document everything! Post online, mail physical proof to yourself through the US mail so it's date stamped (don't open), create a video. Don't wait! Call around for an attorney TODAY. They'll guide you through the entire process, but remember YOU ARE THE BOSS. Sometimes even though they're the expert, you have to remember you're still their boss. Stay on top of things and don't take no for an answer. We were advised not to waste our time and money on this patent, that we have very little chance for success. We didn't take that no. Here we are. ;)