What Brand of Hard Wax Do Professionals Use?

Signature Series Hard Wax by Mermaid Wax is What Professionals Use

So what brand of hard wax do professionals use for hair removal? Introducing Mermaid Wax! Pros use Mermaid Wax is Next Generation Premium Hard Wax for hair removal. Why do professional estheticians choose our Signature Series hard wax over all others? Signature Series is SUPER Elastic Allergen Free/Hypo-Allergenic & Vegan Friendly fully synthetic hard wax.

Signature Series Highlights:

Super Elastic, Hypoallergenic, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free

Signature Series is offered in 7 unique colors:

Professional Estheticians Use Mermaid Wax Signature Series

Details of our Signature Series Formulation

  • Best of the Best -Hands down this is the best professional wax on the market
  • Next Generation Technology, unlike any other wax available
  • The #1 Brand Of Hard Wax For Professional Estheticians
  • Next Generation Technology, unlike any other wax available
  • Low Price *As low as $13.59/lb, compare to major brands hypoallergenic hard wax lines @ $5.00-$10.00+/lb or more!
  • Super Elastic -no cracking, snapping, breaking, perfect for the "Lay, Lay, Lay" speed waxing method
  • Hypoallergenic -Allergen Free, doesn't contain Colophonium (tree sap), ideal for sensitive skin
  • Vegan Friendly -Zero animal or plant products or bi-products
  • Cruelty Free -Never tested on animals
  • Works great for both fine and coarse hair (Face, Bikini & Body)
  • Allows for Super Thin Strips Without Breaking, save $$$ by using half the wax compared to polymer blend waxes
  • Great For Beginner Waxers -Take lunch and come back before you remove the strip, no problem
  • Gentle on the skin -less pain means a better client experience & increased repeat customers
  • **Micro Glitter Infused - just for fun!

Signature Series Melted & Stirred Gif

Sirena Melted -Signature Series Hard Wax Is What Pros Use

 Which Wax Brand is The Best?

Now you know when they ask which wax brand is the best, Mermaid Wax Signature Series is the #1 choice for the professional waxing estheticians. Mermaid Wax is the best hard wax, but is it the best for you?  The answer is simple, yes. Why? Because you want the best quality wax to minimize time, irritation, and use less wax the first time! Why are you still here, go get you some of that Mermaid!