Free Mermaid Bomb Gift

Free Bombs w/Every Order of Signature Series 5.5lbs & Up


1. Glitter Bombs & Chamomile Roman Bombs are not offered as a free gift. If you request any Glitter or Chamomile Roman Bombs you will not be sent a free bomb gift.

2. You must specify which bomb you're requesting.  If you vaguely request "free bomb please" or something to that effect, you will not be sent a free bomb gift.


Believe it or not Mermaids, yes you read that correctly. Mermaid Wax gifting you Free Bombs with ALL PURCHASES OF SIGNATURE SERIES of 5.5lbs and up in celebration of our Granted Patent!

From the moment you’re reading this and for perpetuity (as planned), we’ll be offering free concentrated Color, Skin, or Scent (no glitter) bombs.

  • How? ORDER NOTES!! Please make your specific bomb request during checkout using the “order notes” section. For us to ensure we keep our shipping lightning fast, we are (unfortunately) unable to edit orders that have been processed. We MUST add your bomb to the order before it’s printed, otherwise it’s too late.  No backsies! And no, we don’t owe you extra on your next order.  It’s a free gift, not something you paid for. Let’s keep this positive! :)

  • When? STARTS NOW!! Go, stop reading. Do it. Do it. Do it. (credit Starsky & Hutch)

  • Who? YOU!! All Mermaids can take advantage of this free gift.

  • What? (1) Free Gift of Color, Scent, or Skin Concentrated Shell Bomb for any order of 5.5lbs-11lbs (tech up to 21lbs) for any color Signature Series. or (2) Free Color, Scent, or Skin Concentrated Shell Bombs for any order of 22lbs and up of Signature Series. (The maximum gift per order each week is (2) bombs regardless of bulk order size).Signature Series includes; Aurora, Electra, Hades, Helios, Icarus, Ra, and Sirena. Free Bomb Gift Offer DOES NOT include All Glitter Bombs & Chamomile Roman bombs

  • Why? MERMAIDS ARE AWESOME!! Let’s make work fun and make you some more $$$

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