2023 Spring Updates

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Mermaid Wax Spring Update

Oh My Seas, an update is long overdue! Sometimes you just get caught up in the current and forget.🤯 So much to share, I’m not sure where to start.

If you haven’t met me yet, this is Kristen and I’m the creator of Mermaid Wax🧜🏻‍♀️ I’ve been waxing for 10 years now and it’s the love of my life Okay that sounds weird, especially being married, but I just can’t imagine doing anything else. If you don’t love waxing as much as I do, let’s sea if Mermaid Wax can help change that!

I’m very proud to share that we DID, in fact, receive our patent for the concentrated wax “bombs” - create your own wax idea.🤓 While we’ve had plenty of competition out there slang’n hate, we will now celebrate. The idea actually dates back to 2014 while my now husband was but a gentleman caller. Well, let’s dive into all that below.

First, let’s briefly cover what’s inside this email. And yes, there just might be a Mermaid Egg🧜🏽‍♀️🥚 somewhere in here! (that’s a little hidden code that will save you $$ off your next order. Maybe this one is 10% off ANY order?) Where? You’ll know it when you see it, this one is kind of obvious.

  1. United States Patent 11,607,372 B2 For "Depilatory Wax Additive & Process"

  2. Free Mermaid Concentrated Bombs

  3. New Bombs & Pandora’s Box Options

  4. Mermaid School

  5. New Neons

  6. Mermaid Wax Ambassador Program for Gold Members

  7. What or who is 🗡️Orion °9?

  8. MermaidWax.com Makeover

  9. Soft Wax Sale

  10. Mermaid Wax Continued Yearlong Sale

  11. New Samplers

  12. Mermaid Wax Helps Market Your Business

1. US Patent 11,607,372 B2

Mermaid Wax Patent
Mermaid Tail Glitter Bombs

2. Free Bombs

Believe it or not Mermaids, yes you read that correctly. Mermaid Wax gifting you Free Bombs with ALL PURCHASES OF SIGNATURE SERIES of 5.5lbs and up in celebration of our Granted Patent! From the moment you’re reading this and for perpetuity (as planned), we’ll be offering free concentrated Color, Skin, or Scent (no glitter) bombs.

  • How? ORDER NOTES!! Please make your specific bomb request during checkout using the “order notes” section. For us to ensure we keep our shipping lightning fast, we are (unfortunately) unable to edit orders that have been processed. We MUST add your bomb to the order before it’s printed, otherwise it’s too late.  No backsies! And no, we don’t owe you extra on your next order.  It’s a free gift, not something you paid for. Let’s keep this positive! :)

  • When? STARTS NOW!! Go, stop reading. Do it. Do it. Do it. (credit Starsky & Hutch)

  • Who? YOU!! All Mermaids can take advantage of this free gift.

  • What? (1) Free Gift of Color, Scent, or Skin Concentrated Shell Bomb for any order of 5.5lbs-11lbs (tech up to 21lbs) for any color Signature Series. or (2) Free Color, Scent, or Skin Concentrated Shell Bombs for any order of 22lbs and up of Signature Series. (The maximum gift per order each day is (2) bombs regardless of bulk order size).Signature Series includes; Aurora, Electra, Hades, Helios, Icarus, Ra, and Sirena.

  • Why? MERMAIDS ARE AWESOME!! Let’s make work fun and make you some more $$$

  • You know where

3. NEW! Bombs & Pandora’s Box Options

Pandora’s Box

You asked, we listened! New Pandora’s Box Options Are Live! and more to come…

  1. Sparkle Too

    (4) Glitter Bombs; My Magenta, Sapphire, Snow White, Irish Green

    (4) Color Bombs; Purple, Blue, Green, Fuchsia

  2. USA One (Limited Edition)

    (2) Scent Bombs; Tuberose, Red Berry

    (3) Glitter Bombs; Snow White, Red Hot, Sapphire

    (2) Color Bombs; Red, Blue

    (1) Skin Additive Bombs; Argan Oil

  3. Summer One (Limited Edition)

    (2) Scent Bombs; Coconut Sky, Grapefruit Kiwi

    (2) Glitter Bombs; Barbie Pink, Tiffany Teal

    (3) Color Bombs; Purple, Orange, Teal

    (1) Skin Additive Bombs; Argan Oil

  4. Easter One (Limited Edition)

    (2) Scent Bombs; Milk & Honey, Strawberry

    (2) Glitter Bombs; Snow White, Purple Rain

    (3) Color Bombs; Yellow, Pink, Lime Green

    (1) Skin Additive Bombs; Sweet Almond Oil

  5. St Patty's One (Limited Edition)

    (2) Scent Bombs; Fresh Lime, Ginger Basil

    (2) Glitter Bombs; Irish Green, Golden Girl

    (3) Color Bombs; Green, Lime Green, Bronze

    (1) Skin Additive Bomb; Aloe Vera

  6. Spring Break One (Limited Edition)

    (2) Scent Bombs; Fresh Lime, Cucumber Melon

    (2) Glitter Bombs; Barbie Pink, Sangria

    (2) Color Bombs; Yellow, Fuchsia

    (2) Skin Additive Bombs; Cocoa Butter, Cucumber Extract

(64) Concentrated Bomb Options & 100s more to come…

  1. (12) Color Bombs; Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink, Fuchsia, Teal, Lime Green, Bronze, and Rose Gold

  2. (13) Glitter Bombs (Mermaid & Shell); Mermaid Magic, Barbie Pink, Irish Green, Valentino, My Magenta, Sangria, Red Hot, Purple Rain, Snow White, Bronze Bomber, Golden Girl, Sapphire, and Tiffany Teal

  3. (28) Scent Bombs; Cotton Candy, Violet, Platinum, Madam Soap, Mon Hom Soap, Orange Fruits, Soft Cotton, OUD, Lavender, Red Berry, Milk & Honey, Fresh Lime, Strawberry, Vanilla, Turkish Rose, Raspberry, Blackberry, Passionfruit, Bubblegum, Peppermint Leaf, Coconut Sky, Sandalwood, Cucumber Melon, Grapefruit & Kiwi, Eucalyptus, Tuberose, Lemon Sparkle, and Ginger Basil

  4. (11) Skin Additive Bombs; Jasmine Extract, Green Tea Extract, Chamomile Roman, Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera Extra, Jojoba Extract, Cucumber Extract, Argan Oil Extract, Sweet Almond Oil Extract, Coco Butter, and Tea Tree Oil

4. Mermaid School

alt textWelcome to The Mermaid Wax School! Where we dive into learning all about waxing. Mermaid School is a series of blogs on Mermaid Wax.  You can find the link by clicking here or from the main or footer navigation on the website.

Who is Mermaid School for?

  • Student Waxers looking to be the best waxer they can be.

  • At-Home Waxers unable to visit a Pro, but would like to wax themselves like one.

  • Pros looking to refine their skills -or tell us what we’re doing wrong!

5. New Neons

The best just got brighter, uh, um, errr -Better! Have you tried Neon Yellow Cassiopeia yet? Are you ready for Neon Blue Oceanus?

Oceanus has not yet launched.  Look for it in Early May! (we still feature it here so you can check it out)

That makes (6) Neon Retro Series Colors & Counting.

Bonus Neon News: Zulu Has Been Restocked!

6. Mermaid Wax Ambassadors

Yes, Mermaid Wax will be launching an Ambassador Program. However, all not need apply.  We’ll be offering the Ambassador Program to Gold Members only.  Later this year we’ll review the program and possibly offer it to Silver Squad Members as well.

Why won’t you offer Ambassadorship to everyone?  We love Mermaid Wax too! We know and we love that you do.  Unfortunately, we want to ensure that only those Mermaids that have a lot of experience & loyalty to Mermaid are being paid promotors.  We know most brands will share an ambassador link to anyone that asks.  For us, it only makes sense to covet this privlege to protect integrity. If you’re a Mermaid Wax Ambassador, you know Mermaid Wax very well.

Gold Members, look for more on this in the coming weeks. We’ll send you all a special invite email when it launches.


Orion °9 Hair Removal Wax

We’ve had a lot of inquiries as to our connection with 🗡️Orion°9.  Yes, Orion°9 is our sis..uh um brother company! Orion is the brainchild of my husband. He still has a long way to go before it’s full launch (later this year). You may have been part of a select few that were notified, he did a soft launch to get some feedback and gain insight before his full assualt! haha

O9 has more of a masculine feel and as you can see above is all about the hunter, Orion.  It’s not a “just for men wax” more of something that would appeal to folks not so in to our glittery perfection!  I don’t really get those folks, so I told him to have at it. :)  

If you dig their vibe, go for it! Visit Orion°9 Now. The O9 formulations might just be familiar. Oh and definitely check out Neptune, which is my fav!!!

8. MermaidWax.com Makeover

Spring cleaning in full swing! We’re sprucing up the place people. It’s been a long while since our launch and it is time. So many new products and information that was just outdated on the website. You might already notice a much more simplistic navigation. If something seems off, we’re likely working on it. Never hurts to ask though. Maybe we broke something? So we appreciate all the feedback. :)

9. Soft Wax Sale

10. Yearlong Sale

The World’s Longest Sale still has a little over 3 months left! Get em while you can, or bag.

Starts: 8/1/2022

Ends: 8/1/2023 12Noon CST

No Codes Required -Automatic Discount

For an entire 12 months take $13.33 off all Pro Series, Signature Series, & Magec sizes of 2.2lbs, 3lbs, & 5.5lbs. This Discount Applies to both At-Home/Retail & Professional/Wholesale Customers. No need to enter codes, this automatic discount will display once product(s) are added to your cart. No limits; purchase 1 or 100 times, you'll still receive the discount.

11. New Samplers

Ready for your first toe dip? Shrimp Samplers are where it’s at!

Not afraid to take a swim?  You’ll want our Starfish Samplers.

Want to dive in deep?  The Shark Samplers are for you!

12. MW Does Your Marketing For You

OMG You Made It All The Way To The Bottom!

Did you know? We started working on this email in 2022. Not really, but seriously this was a monster project. Alas, we’ve arrived here. Now, you can say (or just copy & paste): IREADITALL10 🧜🏽‍♀️🥚 Okay, now I’m rambling and it’s obvious. But one last thing, go find our IG Post about this email and comment with how long it took you to find the uh thingy there in the other sentence. Pretty please.