Concentrated Shell Bomb Options

Color Bombs
Glitter Bombs
Scent Bombs
Skin Bombs
Red Barbie Pink Autumn Harvest Aloe Vera Extract
White Beach Peach Blackberry Argan Oil Extract
Blue Freeze Bubblegum Calendula Extract
Bronze Bomber Coconut Sky CBD
Champagne Cotton Candy Chamomile Roman Extract
Flounder Cranberry Cocoa Butter Extract
Golden Girl Cucumber Melon Comfrey Extract
Grinch Green Eucalyptus Cotton Flower Extract
Irish Green Evergreen Cucumber Extract
Mermaid Magic Fresh Lime Green Tea Extract
Lime Green
My Magenta Gingerbread Jasmine Extract
Neon Green Ginger Basil Jojoba Extract
Rose Gold
Neon Orange Grapefruit Kiwi Monoi Tiare Extract
Neon Pink Holly Organic Orange Flower Extract
Neon Purple Lavender Shea Butter Extract
Pumpkin Spice Lemon Sparkle Sweet Almond Oil Extract
Purple Rain Madam Soap Tea Tree Oil Extract
Rainbow Storm Maple
Red Hot Milk & Honey
Rose Petal Mon Hom Soap
Sangria Nutmeg
Sapphire Orange Fruit
Smooth Criminal Oud
Snow White Passionfruit
Sugar Plum Peppermint Leaf
Tiffany Teal Pine
Ursula Platinum
Valentino Plum
Red Berry
Soft Cotton
Sugar Cookie
Sweet Potato Pie
Turkish Rose
Cherry Blossom
Honey Suckle

Pandora's Box Details

All Pandora's Box Kits Contain (2) Mermaid Holographic Glitter Bombs

Use the "Notes" Section when checking out to inform us of your choices, when applicable

*Wild Card means we will pick bomb(s) for you, a surprise!
**You Pick is exactly that, visit the tab for each concentrated bomb type and pick your preferred bomb(s).
***selections maybe limited by inventory, which can change daily. Check each bombs page & variant to help ensure it's available


Pandora Wild
(4) Scent Bombs; wild card
(4) Color Bombs; wild card

Pandora Wild Too
(4) Skin Additives; wild card
(2) Color Bombs; wild card
(2) Scent Bombs; wild card

Pandora "You Pick"
*Glitter Bombs, please add $1.50/bomb for each glitter bomb you choose.

(8) You pick whatever you'd like from what's available. Visit each bomb page and check if the specific bomb is in stock. Those listed with an "X" are out of stock. Then list your selections in the order notes upon check out.

Pandora TisTheSeason (Limited Edition)

(3) Scent Bombs; Peppermint, Vanilla, Eucalyptus

(3) Glitter Bombs; Irish Green, Red Hot, Snow White

(2) Color Bombs; Red, Green

Pandora One
(4) Color Bombs; Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red
(4) Scent Bombs; Bubblegum, Blackberry, Lemon Sparkle, Passion Fruit

Pandora Too
(4) Color Bombs; Yellow, Blue, Red, *Wild Card
(4) Scent Bombs; Tuberose, Blackberry, Lemon Sparkle, Passion Fruit

Pandora Therapy One
(4) Skin Additive Bombs; Cucumber Extract, Argan Oil Extract, Sweet Almond Oil Extract, Cocoa Butter
(4) Scent Bombs; Blackberry, Lemon Sparkle, Passion Fruit, Tuberose

Pandora Colorful One
(8) Color Bombs; Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red, Teal, Lime Green, Rose Gold, Bronze

Pandora Sparkle One
(4) Glitter Bombs; Barbie Pink, Bronze Bomber, Purple Rain, Golden Girl
(4) Color Bombs; Pink, Bronze, Blue, Rose Gold

Pandora Aroma One
(8) Scent Bombs; Bubblegum, Blackberry, Lemon Sparkle, Passion Fruit, Tuberose, Strawberry, Ginger & Basil, Soft Cotton

Pandora Aroma Too
(8) Scent Bombs; Vanilla, Turkish Rose, Raspberry, Ginger Basil, Strawberry, Tuberose, Passionfruit, Bubblegum

Pandora ColorWEEN (Limited Edition)
(8) Color Bombs, (2) each; Red, Green, Orange, Purple

Pandora GlitterWEEN (Limited Edition)
(4) Glitter Bombs; 2 Purple Rain, Irish Green, Snow White
(4) Color Bombs; Purple, Green, Red, Orange