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Mermaid Wax Exclusive Hard Wax Glitter Bombs

Glitter Wax? Mermaid Wax is the original creator of the sure to be copied, Mermaid Tail Glitter Bombs. Never before has holographic glitter been added to a retail hard wax product -you can't buy this anywhere else!  Use our colorless Mermaid Tail Glitter Bombs for any Mermaid Hard Wax for that extra sparkle that's sure to mesmerize even your grumpiest clients.  All Mermaid Tail Bombs are formulated using our clear Signature Series Hard Wax which is allergen free & vegan friendly. Using glitter in hair removal wax is purely an aesthetic endeavor; it neither aids in or prohibits hair removal.  Well, the psychological boost or mood enhancement can help improve focus and motor skills, so in that -it helps remove hair!

All Mermaid Tail Bombs are MADE IN THE USA