How To Wax Your Own Nose

How To Wax Your Own Nose

Disclaimer: We HIGHLY recommend you leave nose waxing and all waxing to a licensed waxing professional.  However, we realize not everyone can travel to a professional and not all professionals have waxed themselves so we're here to help.

Today we'll be covering How To Wax Your Nose by yourself -in your salon or at-home.

Not sure how to wax your nose? I got you!

Waxing your nose hair is a great way to help you breathe as well as get rid of those embarrassing and pesky hairs.

Research (that's why you're here)

First, please don’t just shove a stick with a ball of wax up your nose without doing some research so you make sure you don't hurt yourself. If you go too far up into the nose, you can seriously damage yourself so, again, I will always recommend going to a Professional if you can.

Just The Tip!

If you still decide to proceed with Nose Waxing Do It Yourself, you only want to remove the hairs right on the inside of the base of your nose, nothing further. Our goal is to remove just the hairs that are visibly sticking out from your nose.


Next, I only recommend hard wax when doing a nose wax. Soft wax could and most likely will easily harm the areas with a sensitive skin lining, such as the inside of your nose. You also can only put soft wax on an area one time. If you go over the same area more than once, you'll remove layers of skin which is a big no no!

How To Wax Your Own Nose Video


Steps For How To Wax Your Own Nose

  1. If you or the customer have facial hair, make sure to cover it! I use a little piece of paper towel to cover the hair as I'll show you in this video. Some people will just add a little bit of oil to the hair to prevent the wax from sticking to the hair. Honestly I get nervous the hair will still get stuck so I only use a paper towel. Additionally, if they have a nose ring make sure to remove it! You definitely don’t want wax getting stuck on there and potentially ripping it out! Ouch!!!
  2. Pick up a popsicle stick and get a tiny ball of wax on your stick. You want the wax to be slow moving, like honey or molasses. If the wax falls right off your stick, that means it's too hot and you will burn yourself or your client. If it doesn’t move at all, then the wax is too cool and won’t be able to adhere to the hair. So again, slow moving like honey or molasses is the key.
  3. Once you get a small ball of wax on your stick, if needed, make sure your paper towel is there to cover their facial hair and place the wax just in the inside of your client's inner nose. I only recommend going about half a centimeter inside the nose with your stick. Anything further is too far and you can risk damage. Then spin the stick and move it around to all sides of the nose so you can ensure you get all the hair. I also make sure I go inside the "bat cave" which is the small section inside the tip of your nose. TONS of hairs are hidden there! Give it a light squeeze so that wax will stick to those hairs and then wait for the wax to cool.
  4. Test the wax and make sure it feels hard to the touch before removing. If you can make an indentation with your finger nail, the wax isn't cool yet. Once the wax is hard, pinch the nose and pull hard! Don’t hesitate as this will cause a lot more pain to your client, especially if your hand slips and the wax doesn't come off. Use all your strength!
  5. Check the nose and see if any hairs were missed. Nose hair can go in all different directions so it’s not uncommon to have to do a second wax stick. Everyone is different though so it really depends on what your client needs.
  6. After the wax I will use a little post wax lotion or even some hydrocortisone cream just on the outside of the nose to help seal the hair follicles. And that's it! Easy peasy! :)

The Wax Used

Personally, I only use either Signature Series or Experimental Series in my salon. These waxes are hypoallergenic, vegan friendly and SUPER elastic. This means I can lay multiple very thin strips without any fear of them breaking. In this video, I'm using Experimental Series Retro Edition "Tigris" which is a beautiful Neon Orange color :)