Orion °9 MERMAIDFAM50 Code Discontinued

Code Expires in 48hrs -Noon on 12/06/23

Hello my Mermaids!  At first we planned on leaving this code open indefinitely, however that is not possible it seems. Please respect this code is only good 1 per customer and that it will soon expire.  Last chance to get 50% Off Orion °9!  

Please note they have added discounted pricing for bulk orders

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We’re pleased to share a special offer from our ‘lil brother 🗡️Orion °9 Hard Wax. They’re offering our Mermaid Fam a one time offer of 50% off all of their 2.2lb sizes of hard wax. They wanted to give you Mermaids a chance to try them out at the lowest price possible. You can visit them here: www.orionnine.com and remember to use code: “ MERMAIDFAM50

Code Expires in 48hrs -Noon on 12/06/23

Offer Deets:

Buy Any 2.2lb Size of 🗡️Orion °9 Hard Wax and Receive 50% Off w/code.

That's as low as $9.09/lb for Sirius & $11.36/lb for the Elastic Class waxes!

Yes, $9/lb -you read that right!

Includes: Dracula (Blood Red), Neptune (Cosmic Blue), Sirius (Liquid Gold), Scorpio (Gunmetal Black) in any 2.2lb Size.

There is no limit to the quantity; order just 1 or over 100pcs.  The code can only be used once per customer.

Does not include their 11lb options, which are more without the discount!

2.2lb combos & testers are included (4.4lb, 6.6lb, 8.8lb), oh stickers included too! :)

If you prefer the larger package size and purchase 11lbs or more (in the 2.2lb sizes) in any single wax you may request the 11lb package size in the order notes.

🗡️Orion °9 Elastic Class Info

  • 🗡️3 Hard Wax Options; Cosmic Blue (Neptune), Blood Red (Dracula), & Gunmetal Black (Scorpio)

  • 🗡️Hypoallergenic; No Tree Sap! No Colophony/Rosin -A known allergen

  • 🗡️Extremely Elastic; No cracking, breaking, this is a "Lay, Lay, Lay" Wax

  • 🗡️Perfect Pull; The right mix of grab for fine hair and coarse hair alike

  • 🗡️Apply Thin; Use half the wax with super thin application

  • 🗡️Soft on Skin; clients will remark on little to no pain

  • 🗡️Not Cruel; we have a strict no animal testing policy

  • 🗡️Vegan "Plus"; completely animal AND plant free

🗡️Orion °9 Poly Class Info

  • 🗡️Sirius “liquid gold”

  • 🗡️Strip & Rip; Speed waxers favorite, lightning fast cooling

  • 🗡️Classic Formulation; tried and true for 4 decades for both coarse & fine hair

  • 🗡️Pro Technique; no tearing or breaking when removed fast

  • 🗡️Contains Rosin; not ideal for sensitive skin

  • 🗡️Best Price; only $13.64/pound when you buy 11lbs or more

Code Expires in 48hrs -Noon on 12/06/23

Please send all inquiries to the 🗡️Orion °9 Squad; manager@orionnine.com