Black Wax -13 - 666 | Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019 Begins

The long wait is over, our favorite time of year is here; Halloween!  Well maybe not everyone loves it as much as we do, but hey the games we have can still be fun to play! Black Cat -Batboy Before we get started we should introduce our Halloween Samplers!  Sold in various sizes; 1.1lbs, 5.5lbs, & 11lbs we have samplers to meet everyones needs.  In our endless quest to make our jobs fun we've created a mix of giveaways & contests for Halloween 2019. First, We'll be giving away free wax each day for the next 13 days. Next, those lucky winners can double their reward with a social share. Lastly, each winner can receive up to 6.66lbs of free wax for a simple Facebook post...or maybe it's not so simple!  All of this is in the theme of Halloween with our first ever, limited edition BLACK WAX.


In the spirit of the dark forces, from the depths of our cauldron, Mermaid Wax unveils it's latest potion; BLACK WAX.
Mermaid Wax -Black Wax Halloween Sticking with our legandary "Hypoallergenic & Vegan Friendly" concoction, BLACK WAX is a limited edition Signature Series formulation. Originally intended to be exclusively used as a Black Tail Glitter Bomb the BLACK WAX was a little too good at it's job.   We were hoping for a slight darkening of our other waxes by adding the BLACK WAX bomb, however we can guarantee adding a tail bomb to almost any wax pot will POISON your wax color (figuratively speaking). The exception being Poseidon, which is so dark already it mixes quite well. The BLACK WAX is based off an opaque formulation so not as good at showing the "sparkle" either. That aside, the BLACK WAX is beautiful on it's own & (of course) does an excellent job removing hair.

13 Volunteer Competitors

To volunteer email

Not everyone can be lucky enough to be our 13th customer of the day.  And not every 13th customer wants to compete for more free wax. So we need 13 gals that would like to volunteer to be alternates if the 13th customer declines to compete for more.  This will also include the 666 Challenge!  Please email us and let us know if you're down to be dangerous!

13 Giveaways

For the next 13 days, the 13th customer of each day will receive 1.1lbs of our special edition Halloween BLACK WAX (Hypoallergenic Signature Series Hard Wax) as well as 1 BLACK WAX Mermaid Tail Glitter Bomb. The customer must be a licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist.  If not, that day's winner will be the 14th customer.  Winners will be announced each evening via IG & FB. Is 1.1lbs of free wax not good enough?  Let's throw in another 2.2lbs, but ya gotta work for it! -Double Trouble.

13th Customer of The Day -Free Black Wax

  1. 10/19 Sat. -Winner-
  2. 10/20 Sun. -Winner-
  3. 10/21 Mon. -Winner-
  4. 10/22 Tue -Winner-
  5. 10/23 Wed -Winner-
  6. 10/24 Thu -Winner-
  7. 10/25 Fri -Winner-
  8. 10/26 Sat -Winner-
  9. 10/27 Sun -Winner-
  10. 10/28 Mon -Winner-
  11. 10/29 Tue -Winner-
  12. 10/30 Wed -Winner-
  13. 10/31 Thu -Winner-


Double Trouble

Frank & BrideThe lucky winners will be offered a chance to double their luck and receive 2.2lbs of Electra Hard Wax by sharing any Mermaid Wax related video, post, pic, tweet, etc. & getting 13 or more interactions in less than 13 hours. That's 13 unique comments, shares, likes, retweets, etc in the 13 hours following their purchase.  -If they choose to partake.  The Mermaid Wax media they choose to share can be something they created themselves or something shared.  Mermaid Wax Black Tail Glitter Bomb Any post, video, picture, gif, etc that is using, showcasing, demonstrating or otherwise sharing Mermaid Wax products will qualify.  Just be fair, let's not make the 13 shares your kids & their friends or something shady like that.  We want you to win, just give a lil effort and everyone wins! If the daily winner declines to compete an alternate will be chosen to compete in their stead. But wait, there's MORE!! (in cheesy infomercial guy voice)

Bonus 666 Challenge

Mermaid Wax Halloween Banner 2 Each lucky winner will ALSO be offered 6.66lbs of Electra Hard Wax for free by sharing a Mermaid Wax related post w/link to our website in an Esthetician themed Facebook Group of at least 1K members or more & getting 13 likes, comments, or combination of 13 likes/comments.  Beware, this share may result in your demise!  Not all Facebook Groups are as fair as Wax Club. Some will kick you out just for mentioning Mermaid Wax or even if they find out you support Mermaid Wax.  Your risk does include an awesome reward, a total value of over $160. Again, If the daily winner declines to compete an alternate will be chosen to compete in their stead.

A Crypt's Worth of FREE Wax

Mermaid Crypt KeeperA motivated, lucky, undead daywalker could take home almost 10lbs of FREE Wax & a Tail Glitter Bomb. That's over a $200 Value!!!! Considering shipping & handling that's over $3,000.00 in giveaways. Those numbers might awaken the Grim Reaper himself!!
**more "pop-up" scary competitions announced over the coming days so stay tuned.