Calypso & Medusa Pre-Sale

Calypso & Medusa

Just in time for Valentine's Day , Pro Series Hard Wax just got an upgrade!  Introducing Calypso & Medusa Polymer Blend Hard Wax. We're so happy to offer you first "dibs" if you will 🥰  Please email us to place your orders. 

FULL DETAILED YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR CALYPSO & MEDUSA LAUNCH HERE, this video will not be made public until Tuesday.  Please do NOT share, for Gold Members & Silver Squad ONLY.

We'll release Calypso & Medusa for sale to all the Mermaids later this week.  You should have at least a full 2-3 day head start on your posts, pics, videos etc for marketing.
Price Per Pound for Gold Members
  • 2.2lbs ($42.07) is $19.12/lb
  • 5.5lbs ($89.76) is $16.32/lb (not currently available)
  • 11lbs ($139.93) is $12.72/lb
  • Tin ($20.16) + 11lb ($139.93) =$160.09 Total 
  • 22lbs ($279.86) is $12.72/lb
  • 88lbs ($972.40) is $11.05/lb (not currently available)

Price Per Pound for Silver Squad

  • 2.2lbs ($42.94) is $19.52/lb
  • 5.5lbs ($91.63) is $16.66/lb (not currently available)
  • 11lbs ($142.85) is $12.99/lb
  • Tin ($20.58) + 11lb ($142.85) =$163.43 Total 
  • 22lbs ($285.69) is $12.99/lb
  • 88lbs ($981.20) is $11.15/lb (not currently available)
Calypso was one of the nymph daughters of Atlas and was one of the most beautiful of all immortal goddesses. She made her home on the island of Ogygia. This island has been referred to as both a palace and a cave and was covered in vines, trees, animals, and streams. Odysseus was shipwrecked and ended up on Calypso’s island who she nursed back to health. She fell deeply in love with Odysseus and held him captive in Ogygia for seven years before finally releasing him back to his wife, Penelope. Inspired by Calypso’s desire, we’ve named this beautiful Emerald wax. Be careful around our Calypso Wax, once she weaves her vines around you (or your clients hair), she’ll never let go!
Medusa was a beautiful maiden with golden hair, and was one of Athena’s priestesses. One day, Medusa had a tryst with Poseidon, breaking her vow of dedication to Athena. Because of this, Athena cursed Medusa, transforming her beautiful hair into deadly, dangerous snakes. Her gaze was also transformed, and everyone who looked into her eyes were petrified, and turned to stone. Like Medusa's victims, you will be mesmerized and captivated by this deep blue wax. Be careful, don’t stare too long you have waxing to do!

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