BFCM Discounts Wax For Hair Removal

They Give You 4 Days, We Give You 4 Weeks!


Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals Wax For Hair Removal

Black Friday/Cyber Monday MONTH!

A measly 4 Days for all these savings?!  Cray Cray.  We're going to help you dive deep so you can feel FINTASTIC the rest of 2020 with 4 full weeks of discounts.  We'll start in the shallows and move into the deep blue over the coming weeks. See the schedule below and trust we'll fill in the deTAILS of each week as we SCALE up the savings.

Mermaid Gift Cards

What is the best gift for your Esti Loved One this Christmas?! A MERMAID WAX GIFT CARD OF COURSE!! Get yours now and make your Esti have a FINtastic Christmas.

ATTENTION: Using Multiple Codes At Once!!!

Please email us to use multiple codes at once.  System limitation allows only 1 code per cart, boooo!!!!  So, I will personally create your invoice with all the discounts at once when you want to buy MORE!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

1.1lb Specials

  • PRO SAMPLERS ONLY $45 Automatically Discounted Once in Your Cart
  • ALL Retail Wax is 30% Off with Code:   BFCM2020-RETAIL30
    • Retail Discount DOES NOT COMBINE with Professional Discounts listed here.
  • 1.1lb Signature Series $5 Off with Code:   BFCM2020-SIG5
  • 2.2lb Pro Series $5 Off with Code:    BFCM2020-PRO5
  • 2.2lb Signature Series $10 Off with Code:   BFCM2020-SIG10

5.5lb Specials

  • Pro Discounts; 5.5lb Packages of Signature Series & Pro Series are 10% OFF with CODE: BFCM2020-TEN-OFF-5.5LBS
  • 5.5lbs Poseidon only $82.28 ($14.96/lb)
  • 5.5lbs Signature Series only $99.56 ($18.10/lb)

Mermaid Wax BFCM WarmersMermaid Wax BFCM Schwag

11lb Specials

  • 11lbs Signature Series (Sirena & Electra) $20 Off with Code: BFCM2020-SIG20
    • $168.13 For 11lb Package ($15.28/lb)
  • 11lbs of Signature Series & Large Storage Tin $30 Off with Code: BFCM2020-11TIN-30OFF
    • $179.13 For 11lbs Signature & Tin ($15.28/lb Wax & $11.50 Tin)

Black Friday Wax Sale

Bulk Specials

44lbs of Bulk Signature Series $100 Off with Code: BFCM2020-SIG100

  • 44lbs of Hades: PRO-30OFF Price $566.66 ($12.88/lb)
  • 44lbs of Sirena: PRO-30OFF Price $566.66 ($12.88/lb)
  • 44lbs of Electra: PRO-30OFF Price $566.66 ($12.88/lb)
  • 44lbs of Combo [22lb Sirena & 22lbs Electra]: PRO-30OFF Price $566.66 ($12.88/lb)
  • 44lbs of Aurora: PRO-30OFF Price $566.66 ($12.88/lb)


Schwag Specials; Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, & Holographic Stickers

  • Shirts & Tanks "B2G2" Buy 2 Shirts Get 2 Shirts Free with Code:   BFCM2020-B2G2-TSHIRT
  • Hoodies "B2G2" Buy 2 Hoodies Get 2 Hoodies OR Shirts Free with Code:   BFCM2020-B2G2-HOODIE
  • Stickers "3-4-1" Buy 1 Sticker Get 2 Stickers Free -3 Stickers for the price of 1 Sticker with Code:   BFCM2020-341

*items must be of equal or lesser value

Wax Warmer Specials

1. Spend $1000+ in our store, then receive a code to purchase a warmer at $100 off.

2. Spend $2000+ in our store, then receive a code to purchase a warmer at $150 off.

3. Spend $3000+ in our store, then receive a code to purchase a warmer at $200 off.