SAVE ~35% Off Retail, Only $79.99 w/Code:: " ATHOME-KIT"

Included In Price:

1. (2) Packages of 1lbs of Hard Wax | RETAIL COST:  $88.44

2.  (1)" "Black Cut-Out" Mermaid Wax® Holographic Sticker | $4.00 - Because who doesn't love a holographic sticker!

3. (20) 6" Stir Sticks | $9.04 - Medical Grade wood tongue depressors 6in in length. Great for either stirring the wax or for wax application.

4. (4) Pairs of Nitrile Gloves | $6.00 - Powder-free Nitrile Exam Gloves, made of synthetic rubber, higher puncture resistance, higher chemical/liquid/gas protection, heavy duty strength, higher tactile sensitivity without sacrificing any of the above.

5. (1) Blue Mermaid Practice Mat | $7.99 - Sterile reusable silicone matt for practicing laying wax strips without losing precious wax.


Poor Quality Practice Warmer *Made in CHINA. NO WARRANTIES. Lights likely won't work & warmer will like have 2 settings; ON or OFF -and that's why we're giving them away.

NO WARRANTIES, NO GUARANTEES on free gift items. Free gifts while supplies last

We expressly disclose this is NOT a quality wax warmer.  This is the least expensive warmer found on the market (our research) If your gift doesn't work, we apologize, but do not ask for another gift as we will not accommodate.