Industrial Warmer Care & Cleaning

Why Cleaning Your Warmer is Important

While it may seem obvious to most, there are still some of us that don't understand why they need to take extra time to clean our warmers every day we use them. Here's is Why Cleaning Your Warmer is Important.

Why Cleaning Your Warmer is Important Video:

How To Clean A Warmer

I've had so many of you guys asking the best way to clean a wax pot! It's actually pretty easy. I will turn my wax pot up to the highest setting and allow it to get warm. This will melt the wax and make it easier to come off. Then, use a wax stick to push off any excess wax on the top of the warmer. Once that is finished, I will put some alcohol on a folded paper towel and wipe, wipe, wipe! Continue this step until all the wax is off the top of the wax pot. Then you are done! Hope this video helps!

How To Clean A Wax Warmer Video

Cleaning Your Industrial Warmer

One of the main reasons I love the Goliath wax warmer is because it's so easy to clean! First, turn your warmer on and wait for the wax to heat up. Remove as much wax out of the warmer as possible. Then, turn the warmer on at hot as it will get and spray rubbing alcohol on the inside of the warmer. Use paper towels to the rest of the wax out and spray more rubbing alcohol as necessary. Once all the wax is gone, spray the top of the warmer and remove any wax residue with a paper towel. Next, spray stainless steel cleaner on the outside of your warmer and wipe off with a paper towel. This will give your warmer a smooth, polished look. And you're done!

How To Clean Goliath Wax Warmer Video

Buffing Stainless Steel Warmer

This video is to show you how to buff and maintain our Goliath Wax Warmer. I normally clean the outside of this warmer once or twice a week depending on how messy I get throughtout the week.

This warmer is an industrial wax warmer so it's not meant to be pretty, it's meant to be functional and reliable. If you're looking for something that looks perfect, this probably isn't the warmer for you. However, this puppy you'll be able to give to your grandchildren! You might see little black or white marks on the side when something rubs up against it, however this is normal and super easy to get rid of!

You'll need three things to buff the outside of this warmer:

  1. Stainless steel cleaner
  2. Brillo pad, fine sand paper, buffing wheel
  3. Paper Towels

First, I will spray the outside of the warmer with the stainless steel cleaner. Next, take the brillo pad and rub the stainless steel cleaner in either a circular motion or a side to side motion. I recommend sticking to one type of motion so the end result with all look the same. After you've rubbed the stainless steel cleaner into the warmer with the brillo pad, wipe it away with the paper towel until all the stainless steel cleaner is gone. If there is any residue of marks leftover that was missed, repeat the process again until they are gone. Vioala!

Buffing our Goliath Wax Warmer Video