"Goliath Bundle" (Made In USA)

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A.  12lb Capacity Industrial Grade Wax Warmer: Retail $2,037.14

Goliath is an INDUSTRIAL GRADE wax warmer unlike anything you've used before unless you've used Hercules or Baby Goliath. This warmer draws more electricity than conventional warmers. It may require commercial connections, many residential homes are not wired properly for it's use. We recommend only a 20a dedicated breaker without a GFI.  GFI outlets cannot be used with Goliath.

Mermaid Wax's Goliath Wax Warmer is the king of all wax warmers! This XL Industrial wax warmer is for the most serious waxers that only want the best of the best. Made in the USA, this heavy duty warmer can hold up to 12lbs of hard wax (technically over 1.5 gallon capacity or 13lbs to the top, but not usable completely full). Goliath has a multiple circuit heating element for a uniform heat, a 20 gauge stainless steel shell, and 2 inches of fiberglass insulation.  The warmer has an on/off switch as well as a knob that at the highest temperature will reach 120C.  Goliath also has a LED indicator light that is wired to turn on when the thermostat calls for heat. When the light is off, the thermostat has come to temperature.

B.  Bundle Items: Retail $2,427.40

  1. $1,871.69 -  (8) 11lbs Signature Series Aurora
  2. $161.61 - 5.5lb Signature Series Electra
  3. $161.61 - 5.5lb Signature Series Sirena
  4. $34.00 - 1.1lb Pro Series Poseidon
  5. $34.50 - (3) Mermaid Shell Glitter Bombs US Patent 11,607,372 B2
  6. $44.00 - (1) Large Storage Tin 11lb capacity
  7. $44.00 - (1) 9" Mermaid Wax Metal Sign
  8. $44.00 - (1) Mermaid Wax Window Cling
  9. $14.27 - (1) Mermaid Wax 2-Sided Neon Poster
  10. $5.71 - (1) Mermaid Silicone Practice Mat
  11. $5.00 - (1) 5" "Goliath" Cutout Holographic Sticker
  12. $5.00 - (1) 5" Round Black "Proudly Using" Holographic Sticker
  13. $4.00 - (1) 4" Horizontal Gradient Holographic Sticker
  14. $3.00 - (1) 3" Black Cutout Holographic Sticker