What is a Speed Waxer?

A lot of people use the phrase "Speed Waxer" without understanding exactly what that means. A speed waxer is someone who can complete a waxing service quickly. For example, we would consider someone a speed waxer if they can do a brazilian wax in 15 minutes or less. We can safely say that anyone who worked at European Wax Center for 6 months or longer is a speed waxer.

What many don't understand is there are actually two different types of speed waxers. The first type of speed waxer is a "Strip and Rip" waxer. This means someone who lays one strip at a time and then removes that strip before laying another one. A waxer who uses the "Strip and Rip" method should use a quick cooling or quick setting wax so they can work efficiently and quickly without having to wait on the first strip to cool in order to remove it. We recommend a "Strip and Rip" waxer to use Mermaid Wax Pro Series (Poseidon) since that is our quick cooling formulation. You can lay one strip and then immediately remove it without a wait time for cooling.

The second type of speed waxer is a "Lay, Lay, Lay" waxer. This person is someone who will lay multiple strips (2-4 on average) before going back and removing them. Anyone who worked at European Wax Center would be considered a "Lay, Lay, Lay" waxer because they have to do so many services in such a short period of time. A "Lay, Lay, Lay" waxer will want to use a wax that has a normal setting period (not a quick cooling wax) and is elastic so the wax won't break on them while they are removing the strips. We recommend a "Lay, Lay, Lay" waxer to use Mermaid Wax Signature Series (Sirena or Electra) since it is SUPER elastic and will not break no matter how long you wait to remove it.

One of these methods is not better than the other, they are different in their own ways and both get the job done. However, we do recommend to keep the type of waxer you are in mind when asking others for their opinions on what type of wax to use. That Professional might not be the same type of Speed Waxer you are which will alter the type of wax they think is best.